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Applied Project Management

Effective Project Management delivers success. Without it, we are left with disorderly management, uncertain objectives and high-risk projects delivered late, over budget and out of scope. Project management skills are essential to provide focus and direction, achieve strategic alignment, and achieve the highest quality delivery of projects across teams. Trainistics’s Applied Project Management workshop provides a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the project management lifecycle. Aligned to the Project Management industry competency standards, this three day workshop is perfect for anyone involved in workplace projects. From initiation and planning through to execution and closure, discover how to manage for consistently successful project outcomes. This workshop will suit you if you’re already involved in workplace projects or you have some experience in managing projects and are looking to transition to a project manager role.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop you will be able to:

- Contribute to project’s scope by identifying objectives, constraints and outcomes

- Identify and address stakeholder needs

- Contribute to project estimation and the development of the project management plan

- Contribute to identifying, establishing and managing human resources

- Apply a project schedule and budget

- Contribute to identifying and implementing quality management policies and procedures

- Monitor project expenditure, identify procurement requirements and assist with supplier selection

- Plan for, control and review any risks associated with the project

- Contribute to project finalization activities

Workshop Duration

One Day Workshop

Workshop Overview

  • Positioning projects in an organization – Project objectives
  • Project management and the strategic direction
  • Collect business requirements
  • The role of projects – Scope boundaries
  • Types of projects – Scope management
  • Characteristics of a project – Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Approaches to managing projects – Estimating resources
  • The role of the Project Manager – Estimating time
  • The project lifecycle – Estimating costs
  • Project management Knowledge Areas – Estimating principles
  • What initiates a project? – Estimating methods
  • Project Charter – Project scheduling
  • Project stakeholders – Critical Path
  • Managing stakeholders and project strategy – Gantt charts
  • Project scope – Reducing project time
  • The project budget – The procurement process
  • Time phased budgeting – Procurement management plan
  • Quality assurance – Project risk
  • Quality control – Risk management process
  • Project human resources – Risk management strategies
  • Roles and responsibilities – Qualitative and quantitative risk
  • Skills analysis – Risk Management Plan
  • Project information and communication – Risk register
  • Project procurement
  • Time and cost management – Conflict management
  • Earned-Value Management – Creating a psychologically safe environment
  • Change management
  • General principles for communication in conflict
  • Working with the project team – Project closure
  • Project team management
  •  Comprehensive workshop notes
  •  Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

Trainistics facilitators are experienced with a diverse set of academic and practical expertise. We believe that education of the future managers of Pakistan to be a highly important task.

Who is better – to teach the art and science of management than those people who have firsthand, day-to-day experience?





1st floor, 35-B, Block A, HBFC Faisal Town, Lahore, Pakistan


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