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Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG) is a state Illinois registered, US based company, provide Leadership trainings nationwide and internationally.

Leadership Trainings

SIG started growing in the Federal, State and City Contracting Community, while at the same time training, teaching and mentoring Company Personnel and growing the operational footprint within Illinois in order to continue providing superior services. The business goals were accomplished while providing a learning and developmental working environment for all current and future SIG Employees and Entrepreneurs. It expanded its operation in globally with its core values and other critical business competencies.

The SIG standard will always be to provide deliberate, replicable and verifiable results, which are the core components of our uncompromising commitment to the Client.

Business Management

SIG is also specialized in business management. Its specialists evaluate companies for possible restructure and improvements in how they work and how everything is controlled. First, they observe, and identify the issues and possible solutions. SIG make plans with the organization’s management, participate in implementation, execute, evaluate and adjust as needed before turning over control.

Having successfully managed over $800 million worth of Government contracts in the course of eight years in the Middle East and adopted the philosophy, “Meeting expectations is the minimal allowable standard for performance”.

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