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Negotiation Skills

Whether you negotiate routine contracts, deliverables from peers, or even bedtime with your kids, a comprehensive and strategic approach to deal making will consistently drive better outcomes. In the workplace, improving your negotiation capability will help you build stronger relationships, deliver long term solutions and avoid harmful conflict. The Negotiation Skills short course from the Australian Institute of Management covers a range of practical tools and techniques to plan for, conduct and follow up on business negotiations. Utilize proven negotiation techniques to persuade others to the strength of your argument and develop techniques for dealing with conflict or deadlocks.

Workshop Outcomes

- Clarify the purpose of the negotiation and the issues under consideration while identifying the primary needs and desired outcomes of all parties

- Determine your organization’s position and devise a negotiation approach to communicate to staff involved in the negotiation team

- Use negotiation techniques to persuade the other party of the strength of the argument in favor of your organization’s position

- Select techniques for dealing with conflict or deadlocks in accordance with the negotiation plan and the progress of the negotiation

Workshop Duration

2 Day Workshop

Workshop Overview

  • What is negotiation? – Preparing for a negotiation
  • Negotiation values – Step 1 – Recognizing an issue
  • Respect and empathy – Step 2 – Deciding to negotiate
  • Ethics and honesty – Step 3 – Analyzing needs
  • Win/Win Negotiating – Step 4 – Identifying currencies
  • Negotiating behaviors and styles – Step 5 – Setting a GTO
  • Cultural diversity and communication – Conducting a negotiation
  • Negotiating and bargaining – Step 1 – Opening negotiations
  • Negotiation phases
  • Step 2 – Exploring interests and options – Tactics
  • Active Listening – Breaking deadlocks
  • Absolutes and blaming statements – Step 3 – Closing the deal
  • Assertiveness and body language – Following up on a negotiation
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea





1st floor, 35-B, Block A, HBFC Faisal Town, Lahore, Pakistan


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